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over 50 and fitI get quite a few emails from readers from all walks of life but I got a handful this last month from some baby boomers all wanting an answer to the following questions:

“Can you get a six pack at 50?”
“Is it possible to have ripped abs at 50?”
“I am over 50, Can I get ripped abs?”

My favorite came from a lady named Elise, from California. She asked: “Is there six pack abs training for women over 50?”

I thought it was brilliant that these four guys thought enough about their health and fitness over 50 years old and to actually ask someone for advice. How to get 6 pack abs over 50 requires the same food and fitness planning that someone under 30 would do, modified of course.

Our health, especially for the many baby boomers we have now, is a priority to many and if you could manage some form of exercise or training and keep an eye on your diet, then having ripped abs at 50 is a certainty. Also, your reasons for wanting this could be from either the fact you need some form of fat loss or, if your weight is already at it’s ideal range, you want your abdominal muscles more pronounced.

Here are some useful exercises to get those pronounced muscles keeping in mind that you cannot spot train. You have to exercise your whole body and having a six pack will be the result. Read on.

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, especially for those who are 50 years old and over. Not only can it improve your appearance, it can also give you better health as well. Fiftyplus citizens who exercise are less prone to getting diabetes (1), depression, anxiety, arthritis pain, and heart disease(2). They also have better digestive system and immune system. Women who exercise are less prone to osteoporosis, since even light exercise can increase their bone mass. What’s more, exercise releases endorphins, natural enzymes secreted by the body to give you the feeling of happiness and contentment. Thus, exercises for baby boomers bring so many health benefits, and not just on the physical side.

How much exercises for seniors should be done? Certainly, it will depend on your health and your physical fitness level. You can’t just expect to bench-press 50 kg. when you haven’t had that much physical activity recently. Start off slow, and then work your way up. The areas that you may want to focus on include:

Strength exercises. Strength exercises for plus fifties can reduce your risk of injuries, not just in your workouts, but also in your daily activities. These exercises do not just refer to weight lifting activities. Abdominal curls and leg lifts can also build up strength, as are everyday activities like walking up and down the stairs and carrying your groceries from your car to your home. You can spend time strengthening your lower back, an area that is especially problematic for a lot of us older folk.
Balance exercises. Over fifties will also need to do balance exercises, especially since they are more prone to slipping and falling. Standing on one foot for a few seconds can already go a long way in improving your balance and coordination to reduce the chances of injury.
Endurance exercises. Workouts that focus on endurance can improve your heart rate, lung capacity, and blood circulation, as you will need to rely on your cardiovascular system to get you going. Endurance exercises for seniors include running, walking, jogging, and cycling. Ideally, these should be done for 30 minutes each day. Do note that endurance exercises can be high impact, so do consult with your doctor and your trainer prior to performing these.
Flexibility exercises. Flexibility exercises for us oldies will make you limber, lessening your muscle pains and making certain tasks much easier, such as bending over to pick up the newspaper.

Aside from these exercises, you can also join fitness groups to keep you in tiptop shape. Some organized physical activities you can do include:

Yoga. Yoga not only exercises your body, it works out your mind as well, as it can help relieve your stress while giving you a whole body workout. Yoga primarily focuses on stretching and strengthening exercises.
Tai chi. Like yoga, tai chi can relieve your stress while working out your whole body. It is also relatively low impact, making it a great option for those who have body problems.
Swimming. Swimming has been dubbed the ultimate full body workout because it helps develop all of your muscles, from your arms to your legs, to give you the workout that you both want and need. What’s more, since you’re in the water, you get less easily exhausted so you will be able to exercise more.
Pilates. Pilates has a great workout system that helps people build muscles, improve their posture, increase their stamina, and reduce pain.
Dancing. Who says exercising has to be a chore? You can combine your favorite hobby with your workout sessions when you dance.
Make sure to stretch before and after you exercise to prevent any injuries.

What’s great about joining fitness groups is that you will not only get the physical activity that you want, your social circle will expand as well, and you will be able to meet like-minded individuals who you can be friends with. Having peers is also a great way to improve your health, so do go out and enjoy activities with others. By joining these groups, you will not only be able to do exercises for over 50′s, you will also be able to develop all areas of your life as well.


Exercising Tips For Over 50′s

The great thing about exercise is that anyone can do it, even those who are over 50.

For those who are older, or for people who aren’t active in general, it can be hard to get into the mindset of exercising. As people go for long periods of inactivity, their bodies, as well as their minds get used to a relaxed state. The key to counteract this is slowly move into activity. Gradually find ways to add physical activity into your everyday life. Walking and biking are simple ways to do this that older people can do with a low risk for injury.

There is an old saying of “no pain, no gain,” meaning that if you aren’t hurting from your exercise, you aren’t getting the full benefits of the exercise. This is untrue, and is especially bad for those aged 50 and over. The body of an older person can’t undergo the same amount of stress that a younger body can. If at any point you begin to experience pain and discomfort, it’s a good idea to take a rest. A good rest period will give your body time to rejuvenate and your muscles to heal.

Believe it or not, older people can use weights much like a younger person.(3) Weight lifting gives the benefit of increases flexibility, balance, bone density, and muscle strength. The key to using weights at an older age is to know your limits and to start slow. Use a small amount of weight for lifting initially, and work your way up as you find yourself able to lift heavier weights. When using proper form and pacing with reps, an older person can gain a great deal of muscle improvement from lifting weights.

Exercising alone can be fine and get the job done, but exercising with a partner or group can be much better. For the 50plus sector, a group or dual exercising effort allow for a boost of morale, which helps everyone complete the exercises. People can encourage each other and socialize during the exercise process, making it more enjoyable. The more enjoyable exercising is, the more people will want to do it and the less chance they will get bored with it and quit prematurely.

One of the most important things about older people exercising is the condition of their body. Their body must be able to handle the stress that exercise sometimes puts on the body. To determine if the body is well enough for this, older people can check with their doctor. The doctor can give a thorough physical examination, checking for flexibility of joints and muscles. They can also check for respiratory conditions and cardiovascular conditions as well. Once everything has been cleared by the doctor, you can start your exercise plans.

Just because you are over 50yo, that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise anymore. You can still keep your body in good physical condition while your gray hairs start to come in.


Diet and Exercise

Abs eating will obviously differ for men and women. Because of our differing makeups we need different foods in regards to eating and diet. Fat loss is vital to uncover your tummy muscles but if eating the wrong foods even though you might think they are healthy, could actually do you some damage or at least stall your efforts. That is why I will be recommending a six pack ab diet for both genders.

As for exercise, this is where you ought to be getting professional advice from a trained practitioner. As I am not, any exercise advice I give, especailly for over 50′s would not sit right with me. Thanks for understanding.

On finishing there are numerous websites that provide 6 pack abs pictures of successful over 50′s of achieving the physique of their dreams. A simple search will bring these up. One is here


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